Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of law does Alice Lawyers specialise in?

Alice Lawyers specialised in residential and commercial property conveyancing, leasing, subdivisions title application, family trust, will and estate administration. We also cover other areas such as civil litigation, we have worked with a few local barrister and senior litigation lawyers who will provide litigation support to our client in need.

Will Alice Lawyer charge extra than their quoted fee?

Alice Lawyers always believe affordability and reliability are the two keys for our services.

Our fee quote are normally 95% accurate according to your information given to us.  In case, you did no provide correct background information, or due to other parties, your matter encounters unexpected disputes or complex, we will advise you about the extra charge we have to do, the extra charge will be based on our hourly rates which is 350 NZ Dollars plus GST.

What does Alice Lawyer do before my Auction?

If you decide to engage our service, we can help you to review the auction documents, we may provide one free review and charge from the second review. If you are a new client to us, we may ask you to pay a fee deposit 200 NZ dollars  before we may provide you the free review.

How can I contact Alice Lawyers if I cannot get hold of them by phone?

If you phone our office line and cannot get hold of us, please do not hesitate to leave the voice message with your name, property address and a phone number for us to contact you. Some client did not leave your phone number, or did not leave a clear first name and surname, in that case, it is difficult for us to identify how urgent you matter is and where to reply you in timely manner. You may also send email, text message, or Wechat message to us.

If your matter is urgent, we will attend it immediately. We may reply your enquiry according to the urgency of your matter.

How often will Alice Lawyers contact me or meet me?

If you have a case / matter with us, we will assign you a contact person who is responsible for communications and paper work, Alice Nie will supervise all the work for you in our firm.

We will contact you normally at each critical stage, for example in sale of your property, we will contact you when we receive agreement, when agreement conditions need your instruction, when agreement is announced unconditional and the appointment for meeting with you and after settlement reporting to you. You may expect one face to face meeting with us in standard conveyancing matters. However, you may always email us at any time when you have a question.

Are the staff of Alice Lawyers’ qualified legal executives?

Yes, Alice Nie has over 20 years legal experience and also, we have two qualified legal executive who combined have 15 years experiences in relevant areas of law.

Can Alice Lawyers help me with my subdivision?

Yes, we welcome small to medium size subdivision clients. Lots of our clients are purchasing land with the purpose of subdivision and we can help with subdivision title application and advising the risk of GST and other tax considerations.

We have successfully helped various titles application including:  fee simple subdivision, unit title subdivision, cross-lease converting to fee simple, boundary adjustments and the land covenants and encumbrances creations.

Does Alice Lawyer provide mobile service or remote services?

Yes, if you are unable to come to our office, e.g. due to Covid-19 lock down and our office has to be closed, or you are overseas, if we have known and met you before, we are able to provide you remote services.

Yes, but only if you are senior of age and has mobility issues, if you request of our mobile service is necessary in your personal situations, we may visit you at your home.